Control by Variables

Within the means of control activity,  INGALSA is particularly specialised in the design and production of automatic means of control. Starting from the analysis of the needs of control of the 'customer piece', the appropriate solutions are adopted using different technologies: contact measurement with  LVDT probes,  LASER contactless measurement, measurement with artificial vision, pressure  control, automatization of Go / No Go gages,etc., allowing quick, reliable and entirely independent control by the operator, the measurement results storing on data base, the integration of systems of  traceability, etc...


 Automatic means of control , with  contact measurement  and automatic Go/NoGo gages, piece locking system in the event of NOK piece and results storing for traceability.



Automatic means of control with measurement with artificial vision, parts tolerance to control 0.6 mm and Cpk got  > 8. Measuring results storings in SQL database and traceability application developed in Visual Basic for the management of different references, production lots, reports generation,etc.




Means of assembly and automatic measurement of micro-leaks, with micro-leaks tester of our own design with the ENAC certificate.





When all the means of control are finished, they are repetitiveness and reproducibility tested with capacity studies.