Control by Attributes

INGALSA has a department specialised in the design and manufacture of the means of control that designs from the draft of the customer, proposing different alternatives according to the control requirements of the customer, such as means of control by attributes ( using Go/NoGo gages, gauges, etc..), by variables (using comparators) or means of isostatism for the precise and repetitive positioning of the pieces in three-dimensional machine.


The design of the means of control is completely made in 3D, using Autodesk Inventor 2014 or NX 7.5.

Our technical office has the necessary software to open the files of the customer in the most common formats (Inventor, NX, Catia, STP, IGS, etc.)


Example of mean of combined manual control,

by variables (dial indicators) and by attributes

(Go/NoGo gages).


Example of mean of manual control by variables(dial indicators).



 All the means of control are delivered with an internal dimensional certificate or ENAC according to customer requirements.