INGALSA is Official System Partner of KUKA.

INGALSA has deep experience in carrying out different types of robotized applications: Welding, Assembly, Palletizing, machine tools and Press Feeding, etc.

 The study phase of the project is performed by three dimensions simulation




Robotized staple insert cell,

with automatic feeding.



 Robotized palletizing application

using 150 Kg loading capacity and 3700 mm. radio range Robot KUKA  



Loading and unloding application in injection cell.

TIG welding cell in stainless steel with turntable for loading and discharge, part-program selection and settings by touch-screen.


Design and construction of grippers and end effectors for robots,

including automatic quick-charge systems.



Design and construction of automatic feeder for robotized plants, including interconnection with the control cabinet of the Robot and its programming.