The food industry US

The food industry US is projected to grow 2.9% in the segments of snacks and meat products

The food industry US is projected to grow at a steady rate of 2.9% CAGR through 2022, according to newly published report of food packaging trends PMMI 2016, the Association of packaging and processing technologies. Based on interviews with 70 professionals in the food industry, processing and packaging in the US and abroad are expected to exceed meat and snack products to other market segments with growth of 3%. According to PMMI, growth in these two segments is attributed to consumer demand for portion control and convenience of different options. Global market growth The food industry in the United States analyzes the world market, while North America is the largest market in all segments of food, the overall growth of the food industry, including food packaging, is being driven by the markets emerging as Argentina, Brazil, China and India. PMMI researchers say the global growth rates for most of the segments is double compared to the growth rates of the US, except for meat and related products (8.5%) products, and sweets and candies (8%), which have the highest overall growth rates compared to the US. Innovation in American industry