Multi-user transfer machine

With automatic feeding of the components and control of the assembled unit using artificial vision.

Servocontrolled riveting machines

With independent position control and insertion stress fully configurable.

Specific insertion of components machines

Tailored to customer needs.

Multi-operation Transfer machine

Servocontrolled drilling, riveting and 100% dimensional control.

Control by Variables

Automatic means of control , with contact measurement and automatic Go/NoGo gages, piece locking system in the event of NOK piece and results storing for traceability.

Automatic means of control with measurement with artificial vision, parts tolerance to control 0.6 mm and Cpk got > 8. Measuring results storings in SQL database and traceability application developed in Visual Basic for the management of different references, production lots, reports generation,etc.

Means of assembly and automatic measurement of micro-leaks, with micro-leaks tester of our own design with the ENAC certificate.

When all the means of control are finished, they are repetitiveness and reproducibility tested with capacity studies.

Control by Attributes

The design of the means of control is completely made in 3D, using Autodesk Inventor 2014 or NX 7.5.Our technical office has the necessary software to open the files of the customer in the most common formats (Inventor, NX, Catia, STP, IGS, etc.)

Example of mean of combined manual control, by variables (dial indicators) and by attributes (Go/NoGo gages).

Example of mean of manual control by variables(dial indicators). All the means of control are delivered with an internal dimensional certificate or ENAC according to customer requirements.


The study phase of the project is performed by three dimensions simulation

Robotized staple insert cell, with automatic feeding.

Robotized palletizing application using 150 Kg loading capacity and 3700 mm. radio range Robot KUKA

Loading and unloding application in injection cell.

TIG welding cell in stainless steel with turntable for loading and discharge, part-program selection and settings by touch-screen.

Design and construction of grippers and end effectors for robots, including automatic quick-charge systems.

Design and construction of automatic feeder for robotized plants, including interconnection with the control cabinet of the Robot and its programming.


Tooling for spot welding with internal cooling.

Tooling for forming of Blister packs to the pharmaceutical industry.

Continuos die-cutting for pharmaceutical industry blister packs.

Tooling for simultaneous forming of 4 Blister packs for the pharmaceutical industry.

We have the necessary means to carry out projects from the design stage to final installation at the customer premises.

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